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Gomer is the first intelligent robot that applies the software robot arm to entertainment and education. Designed with the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, it features face recognition, pattern recognition and emotion recognition. Meanwhile, your child can use it to design interesting tasks through graphical programming.

Idle Modle

In the idle mode, Gomer will stroll around, say hello to you, play games itself, or grab any articles autonomously through visual recognition. Gomer may, meanwhile, express its emotions like happy, frustrated or afraid.


Your child can design patterns independently to complete programming tasks based on artificial intelligence programming. Toy blocks may be dragged independently via Google Blocky. It also supports one-click switching to generate JavaScript and Pyhon codes. The programming grade can be advanced to computer Python programming through simple programming.

Interesting Interaction

Gomer grab articles in various shapes with its software robot arm. Real-time audio and video transmission, and one-click sharing video can also be achieved. It will bring sorts of entertainment activities to your family ...

Advance: Python SDK

More advanced users with specific needs.

Documentation are here.








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