Versatile grab with soft hand

Gomer is the world's first robot with a soft hand in consumer grade, he can grab objects of various

  • Soft Hand

  • Multi-axis Robotic Arm

  • Mobile Bodywork

  • WIFI Connection


Smart interaction, full personality

With a high integration of AI and computer vision, Gomer can recognize pattern, our face, our impression and then interact with us. He is just like a little boy hopes to play and make friends with us.

  • Pattern recognition

  • Face Recognition

  • Interactive Games

  • Emotion Recognition


Elaborate platform, inspire imagination

Gomer's programming helps children to experience the charm of artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • Graphical Programming

  • Robotics Education

  • AI Education


Idle mode, explore more

In the idle mode, Gomer can perform autonomously, to follow object, play with cubes, etc. The more you experience, the more you enjoy.

  • Autonomous Wandering

  • Cute Personality

  • Following Function

  • Autonomous Gaming

  • Computer Vision


Show & game, endless joy

Gomer is so versatile and likes to show his talent and play games with you.

  • AR/Augmented Reality

  • Letter Recognition

  • Racing Escape


Message transfer, recording and sharing

With Gomer, you can send voice messages, record and share you want freely.

  • Message Transfer

  • Instant Recording

  • One-key Sharing

  • Wide-angle Lens